A word of welcome

GPG is a modern, dynamic and growing recruitment company, with a strong basis in operational excellence and employees with extensive experience in recruiting. Our company’s reputation is based on principles of quality, efficiency and a custom-tailored approach to providing business solutions for our clients.

Whatever the company-small, medium or large, new or dominating the market-in all cases, we can effectively turn ideas into reality and help companies reach their goals. The success of a company is not just due to successful business planning, reliable partners, investments, marketing and publicity, but is also due to the company’s ultimate team of engaged employees who, together, contribute to building a successful and prosperous business. All other things being equal, it is the company with highly professional and engaged employees that becomes a leader in the market.

The excellence of our employees is in their ability to see beyond the résumés and position descriptions. This is precisely the approach on which our company has been built, enabling us to solve the most complicated and unusual issues in staff recruiting and to find the best employees for our business partners from an enormous pool of qualified workers.

I truly hope to form a long-lasting and effective partnership with you!

Gabriela Gramma, CHRP

Why choose GPG?

Hire the best the market has to offer

GPG aims to help our clients select employees who can work effectively to boost profitability, who can adapt to your company’s strategic goals and corporate values, and who can support and develop its corporate spirit. GPG is not only capable of evaluating professional knowledge and personality, but is also able to predict how successful the candidate will be in a specific position.

GPG delivers quick and high-quality work.

Save Time

GPG always keeps up to date with new recruitment strategies and methods. Permanent search and communication: we provide permanent follow-up with you, and are ready to help you with staffing issues, no matter how complex.

Have some peace of mind

GPG has a strong team of professionals with insights on the labor market and using advanced recruiting methods to fulfill mandates. High degree of responsibility, mobility, efficiency and ability to obtain results.

Develop a real partnership

Our drive for long-term partnerships: building longstanding relationships with existing and potential clients is GPG’s core value. We are not simply a staffing firm; we are your staffing partner.

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